Salon national de l'artisanat à Biskra : Plus de 70 participants

More than 70 participants are taking part in the National Crafts Fair opening Saturday at the Chamber of Crafts and Trades (CAM) in the city of Biskra.
The Salon stands held in the CAM galleries and under tents exhibit a very varied range of artisanal weaving products, pottery, brassware and decorative trinkets. Local food products including Biskra dates and their multiple derivatives, olive oils, honey and various traditional cakes are offered to visitors to the Show.
The event also allows artisan artists to present their decorative products based on wood, clay, ceramics and recycled materials dexterously transformed into pretty decorative items.
The director of the Chamber of Crafts and Trades of Biskra, Youcef Si El Abedi, declared to the APS, that this Fair “constitutes an opportunity for artisans, young project leaders and participating housewives of promote their productions to visitors and tourism businesses interested in authentic local products.”
The National Traditional Crafts Fair which continues until October 11 is organized by the Chamber of Crafts and Trades in conjunction with the tourism and crafts department of the wilaya of Biskra and local associations.